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Three hours of afternoon congestion for southbound motorists on SH1

There were delays this afternoon for motorists heading into Wellington on State Highway 1.

The delays were first reported by the NZ Transport Agency at 3.20 – it said there was southbound congestion heading into Otaki, with a queue back to Manakau. The congestion continued for two hours but was easing by 5.30, when the queue was south of Manakau. Traffic was moving freely by 6.15.

Wellington.Scoop – January 18
The NZ Transport Agency reported traffic congestion on both State Highway 1 and State Highway 2 today. The NZTA’s advice to motorists on both highways out of Wellington: expect delays.

On SH2, it said at 12.20 that there was congestion for northbound drivers between Silverstream and Maoribank, with significant delays. Thirty minutes later, it changed its message: the congestion was easing. And at 1.25, congestion had eased and the agency advised drivers to “have a good day.”

Not so on SH1, where it first reported northbound congestion between Peka Peka and Otaki at 10.50. At midday the queues were backed up south of the Peka Peka onramp. And at 2pm the delays were continuing. The congestion cleared soon after 3 o’clock.

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