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Artist finds new worlds in Wellington’s water

Press Release – Christina Little
Christina Little is making new worlds from Wellington’s water.

When people see Christina Little’s work for the first time, not often do they pick it is photography and not often do they pick the subject matter is water. Little is an emerging Wellington-based photographer who is challenging the boundaries of what photography is – and her recent work has seen her have a bit of an obsession with Wellington water.

For years, Little has been investigating the natural history and boundary lines of Wellington’s coastlines, exploring their abstract beauty. In her new exhibition A Living Still, Christina Little pulls together imagery sourced from the coastline, and creates a series of disorienting yet alluring new worlds.

In creating A Living Still, Little worked with specialist Fine Art printers, and commissioned a framer to build specific circular picture frames for her prints. The resultant pieces are photographic, while also being painterly, and somehow sculptural. A visual poetry.

In my work, I’m interested in capturing an aliveness which is peaceful and rhythmic while also exposing something unpredictable, naturally unbalanced, irregular and spontaneous.

A Living Still is on for two weeks in an intimate gallery in Newtown. It’s a perfect location, great natural light with a beautiful Kauri tree right across the road. The exhibition will be running 23 January – 4 February.

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