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Andy Foster reviews his first 100 days

Report from RNZ
Asked about his first hundred days, Wellington’s new Mayor Andy Foster said that while the recount was a bit of a distraction, he got stuck into the job straight away, with the first decision being to appoint a new chief executive.

”We have also made some decisions on getting bus priority underway, so we will be consulting on some improvements in February and March,” Foster said.

“We have also made some decisions around accelerating Let’s Get Wellington Moving, providing some extra resources for that,” he said.

“And we have also done some nice things like opening the new Johnsonville Library, Waitohi and an extension to the Keith Spry swimming pool. Yeah, there are quite a few things that have been going on.”

Foster said he did not go into the job with any real expectations.

”It wasn’t about expectations, it was about getting my feet under the table and getting on working with the jobs I know need to be done.”

He said the sense he was getting from Wellington people was that they liked the change.

”They want a sense of energy and purpose and confidence and drive and they want stuff to get done in the city.

”I am absolutely loving the role. It’s got a huge number of challenges, but also a huge number of opportunities.”

Andy Foster plans his first 150 days


  1. Little Blue Penguin, 21. January 2020, 7:03

    I haven’t seen any changes: local govt is the same. Lots of self promoting PR, scapegoating and excuses . I want to hear: “I reopened the Library, stopped the Shelly Bay redevelopment, I got the bus system running well, I have taken back all the public owned assets that were wrongly taken and/or sold off, I won’t be a big business round-table puppet and I repealed all the yellow sticker fever nonsense”.

  2. Manny, 21. January 2020, 7:38

    Wellington’s been pretty stinky Andy.

  3. Dan Tosfery, 21. January 2020, 8:39

    Who said this? “It is ambitious, but Wellingtonians want action, and so do I.” Answer: it was Andy Foster referring to what he wants to achieve in his first 150 days. So I think Andy has his work cut out.

    Me, I’d just like some basic maintenance done so our sewers work and we can visit our Library and Town Hall again. No too much to ask is it Andy?

  4. michael, 21. January 2020, 11:43

    Andy – entirely agree with you when you say that Wellingtonians “want a sense of energy and purpose and confidence and drive and they want stuff to get done in the city” So, apart from opening a couple of things, reinstating free lunches for councillors, spending money on a speaker and a retreat, and making “some decisions,” what have you actually done to fix the real “stuff” – like the library and infrastructure?

  5. Alana, 21. January 2020, 17:13

    The central library and the town hall should be the priorities. Instead the convention centre.

  6. Kara Lipski, 22. January 2020, 18:35

    We need our central library and town hall back asap rather than funds going to grandiose projects such as the convention centre. But more importantly, provision of social housing must be given higher priority to ensure that the queues – presently seen when rental flats are advertised – disappear.