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122 job losses when Imperial Tobacco closes its Petone factory

Report from RNZ
Imperial Tobacco has announced a proposal to close its Petone factory, with 122 people to lose their jobs.

The company said the potential closure of its Petone factory was due to fewer people smoking cigarettes, as it was making more than it needed.

Staff at the factory were told about the proposal today.

Factory manager Karen Geddes said the announcement was regrettable, and the company was working to support its employees.

News from Imperial Tobacco
Imperial Tobacco has today announced a proposal to close its cigarette manufacturing facility in Petone.

The potential closure follows a review of Imperial Tobacco’s global manufacturing footprint and reflects decreasing production volumes which have led to significant overcapacity.

The factory and its employees will now enter a consultation process.

Factory manager Karen Geddes said: “Any announcement that involves potential job losses is regrettable and our immediate focus is on supporting employees in an open and respectful manner.”

There will be no impact on the quality, price or availability of Imperial Tobacco products in Australasia as a result of today’s announcement.


  1. Brent Efford, 22. January 2020, 22:53

    Why the ‘boo-hooing’ over ‘job losses’ when one of our most toxic industries closes down? Why not celebrate that more people will live longer?

  2. Katy, 23. January 2020, 9:06

    They could reopen it as a pot factory after the referendum, using a different leaf that’s so ‘cool’.