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Climate change demonstrators march to Australian High Commission

News from Extinction Rebellion Te Whanganui-a-Tara
It’s time to tell the truth about the climate emergency. In association with Greenpeace Global Day of Action and School Strike for Climate NZ (SS4CNZ), Wellingtonians will be marching to support our neighbours in Australia and to demand the Australian Government take bold action on the climate emergency.

Professor James Renwick warns: “Science has shown for many years that climate change is causing hotter drier conditions across Southern Australia. This raises the risk of bushfires dramatically. To tackle this we must lower greenhouse gas emissions.”

Abigail Smith, Actions and Mobilisations Manager at Greenpeace New Zealand says: “The Australian bushfires are fueled by climate change. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has failed to take concrete climate action for Australians and the world. It’s time for the Australian Government to step up and take the climate emergency seriously by enacting policies to move away from the dirty fuels driving the crisis. Here in New Zealand we stand with our neighbours as they fight for a fairer, cleaner, more secure future.”

Thursday 23rd January

5 pm NZ Parliament
Marching to the Australian High Commission in Hobson Street

Across the world, 2019 has been a year of record heat and record drought. Australia is on fire, and summer has a long way to go. Over a billion animals are estimated dead because of the bushfires. Almost 30 people have died and thousands of homes have been burned to the ground. The fires are so significant that the thick smoke made its way to New Zealand, covering glaciers and filling the sky with an orange haze.

It’s time for the Australian Government to step up and protect young people’s future by supporting the clean energy transition.

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  1. Morris Oxford, 22. January 2020, 17:11

    A pity that school-children are on holiday and have worthwhile things they will want to be doing.