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Councillor – “pleased with progress” – sad at resignation of WREDA’s chief executive

News from WCC
The Wellington City Council is saddened to hear of the resignation of Lance Walker, CEO of the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency / WellingtonNZ. The Council, as the principal funder of WellingtonNZ, has been very pleased with the progress of the organisation under Lance Walker’s leadership.

Councillor Diane Calvert, who leads the Council’s Economic Development Portfolio says Lance “has developed a cohesive team that has delivered on the strategic direction set by Wellington city and the other territorial councils in the region. I am pleased to hear that Lance will be staying on to help transition the organisation to a new leader and his knowledge will also be invaluable as we review our council’s approach to economic development.

“Our city is currently planning a hui/forum with key business leaders late in February to look at how and what we need to review and refresh, on our economic development front, given the changes in our operating environment over the past 5 years.

“Along with our new governance and leadership at WCC, we look forward to continue to work with the other territorial councils in the region and Wellington NZ, to ensure we continue to drive our city’s and the region’s economic growth for the prosperity of all.”


  1. Hel, 23. January 2020, 22:30

    Please not another business hui, code for yet another talkfest.

  2. michael, 24. January 2020, 9:29

    Hel, I absolutely agree. All the council seems to do is talk at us and prepare glossy reports and brochures about “communication?”. Then nothing gets done. They have contracted out most of their basic responsibilities so guess that’s pretty much all what is left to for them to do.

  3. Maximilien Robespierre, 24. January 2020, 11:01

    They haven’t developed the Wellington economy one bit. They’ve just given preferred business contracts, overpaid consultants and over consulted, set up committees – all of which costs the ratepayers and creates more debt. The Council has never “developed” the local economy. It has instead created much debt and economic losses for the ratepayer.