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Cyclist killed in crash on Hutt Road; northbound lanes closed for 4 hours

State Highway 2 was closed to all northbound traffic between Ngauranga and Petone tonight, after a fatal crash at Horokiwi at 6.15. The northbound lanes were closed for more than four hours. The crash involved a car and a cyclist. The cyclist died, after suffering serious injuries. He was Brent Norriss, 65, who worked at the Commerce Commission.

After the crash, the NZ Transport Agency told drivers wanting to get to the Hutt Valley that they had to take SH1 and then SH58. Otherwise, it advised them to “delay your journey.”

At 8.30, when both the northbound lanes on SH2 were still closed, it said traffic on SH58 was congested, but SH1 was “flowing.” At that time, northbound motorists were still being told to take the long way home.

Southbound traffic on SH2 was at first not affected. But then at 7.20 one southbound lane was closed at Horokiwi.

At 9.45, nothing had changed. Both northbound lanes and one of the southbound lanes were still closed. However congestion on SH58 was easing.

It wasn’t till 10.30 that all lanes were reopened.

During the closure, all 81 and 83 buses to Eastbourne were cancelled out of Wellington.

Police are “investigating the circumstances” of the fatal crash.

The DomPost reports [5] that the cycling community is devastated by the fatal crash. It quotes CycleAware’s Patrick Morgan as saying:

State Highway 2 is a well-travelled route but there is no bike lane even though it is the main connection between the Hutt and Wellington city. People have been asking for a cycling route for a long time and there have been decades of promises… All there is to separate people on bikes from the cars is a line of paint. “Paint is not protection. There’s one particularly bad point and that is the Horokiwi intersection where you’ve got trucks turning up to the Quarry and there’s no protection for people on bikes at that point.”