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  1. KB, 11. February 2020, 9:53

    We had several large earthquakes over the last decade. I can’t believe it’s a surprise that there was a lot of horizontal infrastructure damage that will eventually be revealed as cracked pipes eventually collapse. It’s one of the most obvious easy to predict outcomes ever.

  2. Ruz, 11. February 2020, 16:24

    Our underground pipeline network really matters and needs to be upgraded and earthquake proofed.

  3. michael, 12. February 2020, 8:52

    I just wish Andy Foster would admit we are facing a major infrastructure problem, something the Mayor of Hutt City has not been afraid to address.

  4. Stuff, 12. February 2020, 18:54

    On Monday, Wellington Water sent three separate statements to Stuff about the safety of swimming in the Whairepo lagoon.
    The first said the water was safe to swim in and remaining signs had been left up by mistake.
    The second said the water was not safe to swim in due to contamination, unrelated to December 20, and the remaining signage had been left up on purpose.
    By Monday afternoon, a third statement came through the water was safe to swim in and it was decided to remove signage on January 23. “It appears some signage has been left behind, but these are being removed today (Monday) also.”

  5. michael, 13. February 2020, 16:20

    If alarm bells are not ringing in the WCC by now, then we have little chance of expecting anything to happen. Maybe the new $200 million convention centre could be used as a sewage holding tank?