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  1. michael, 12. February 2020, 8:26

    Absolutely agree Ian. We are halfway through the second month of 2020 with seemingly little or no activity from councillors regarding the serious issues facing Wellington. The silence is deafening!
    Unlike the Hutt City Mayor Campbell Barry, Andy Foster’s response to the wastewater breakdowns showed no inclination to address the underlying infrastructure issues or even admit we may be facing a crisis. And his non-response to the Shelly Bay issue is incomprehensible after all his campaigning.

  2. Geoff, 12. February 2020, 12:39

    WCC seem only interested in social activities going by their facebook page.

  3. TrevorH, 12. February 2020, 18:57

    We need leadership but all we have are timeservers.

  4. Island Bay Healthy Streets, 12. February 2020, 20:37

    WCC councillors should write more op-eds for the DomPost or Wellington.Scoop in their areas of interest. Every councillor should be expected to publish something topical every few months i.e. at least 10-12 pieces per triennium. [via twitter]

  5. Henry Filth, 15. February 2020, 4:45

    Nice to see you back. Some good writing (as usual). I wish that one day you get the chance to write about Wellington as a bright, positive, successful, aspirational city.