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“Sulphurous” pollution in Island Bay follows burst watermain in Kingston

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A burst watermain in Kingston yesterday afternoon cut supplies to 120 houses, and was followed by a spill of brown water into Island Bay, which caused alarm for local people on the beach.

The Wellington City Council advised everyone to stay out of the water. It said staff from the council’s Wellington Water company and the Regional Council were investigating.

The council’s tweeted advice:

Please stay out of the water in the meantime, and we’ll post updates as soon as we know whether this is runoff from the burst main.

But by midday today, no further information had been provided.

According to the DomPost, Wellington Water said the water, described by witnesses as stinky, was “affected by dirt following the burst pipe in Kingston.” The water was seeping from a pipe that runs into the ocean. A swimmer said a sulphurous smell wafted across the beach and crowds fled.

The “major” watermain burst in Kingston was reported soon after 4pm in Quebec Street. The city council said properties along The Ridgeway and their side streets were also affected.

It first said the water was likely to be off till midnight. Later this was amended and residents were told the aim was to restore water supplies by morning. But the council has this morning been silent on what is happening.

However last night it reported that Quebec Street has buckled and the road around number 21 would be closed for the rest of the weekend. There was a water tanker in the area if people needed drinking water.

This morning, Metlink said that Kingston bus stops that had been closed because of the emergency had been reopened.

This latest broken watermain comes one day after a watermain burst in Tawa, which came two days after a watermain burst in Island Bay, for two consecutive nights, something which Wellington Water said was unacceptable.

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  1. TrevorH, 16. February 2020, 15:35

    The slow-motion catastrophe that is Wellington’s water management system seems to be gathering pace…