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Jackson and Walsh threaten court action over Shelly Bay


Report from RNZ
Sir Peter Jackson and Dame Fran Walsh have threatened High Court action over city council decisions about the contentious Shelly Bay development in Wellington.

RNZ has obtained a letter sent to the chief executive of the Wellington City Council and councillors on Friday over the $500 million development.

It has asked for confirmation by Friday that the 2017 vote to sell and lease the land at Shelly Bay would be put back before the council, and that the council would take no further action until there was an agreement.

The letter states that any further work on the proposed development, without the council’s full reconsideration of it, would be done on a knowingly false foundation to which the council based its 2017 decision.

It also reads that to continue with the development, without the council reconsidering it, would make it open to urgent judicial review.

In a statement, Wellington Mayor Andy Foster said there had been no change in the situation regarding the development of Shelly Bay, and the matter would come back to the council in due course. “With the Council’s full knowledge and support, our Acting Chief Executive is progressing work to bring these matters back to the Council…”

Meanwhile, Mau Whenua – a group of iwi members who opposed the original sale of iwi land which is part of the development – is taking the the land sale to the High Court.