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No more bells. National War Memorial is closed again – it’s still an earthquake risk

RNZ photo

Report from RNZ
The National War Memorial in Wellington has been closed indefinitely after engineers found it to be earthquake prone.

The memorial reopened after a four-year closure in 2018, when its bell frame was refurbished and earthquake strengthening was completed.

Manatū Taonga – the Ministry of Culture and Heritage – said engineers completing that work suggested a detailed seismic assessment of the whole tower and the bell frames.

It has now received the report, which shows the Carillon tower is quake-prone.

The ministry closed the Carillon tower and Hall of Memories on Thursday last week, while it works through the assessment.

In a statement it said the Hall of Memories had already been earthquake strengthened but had to be closed as it was not possible to enter that section of the memorial without passing through the ground floor of the Carillon tower.

It is not clear when the memorial will re-open.

In the meantime, the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park and the Pukeahu education centre will remain open.


  1. Northland, 24. February 2020, 22:32

    Did I read that right? Earthquake strengthened and *still* an earthquake risk? Just how?… This has got to stop. We have to have the strength to understand that every single building in our city is an earthquake risk and that we live in a risky place. If we leave all the decisions to engineering reports, our city is going to be turned into a desert of closed buildings. Sad.

  2. Jeanuau P, 25. February 2020, 7:38

    Its insanity alright, stemming from the Govt’s Yellow Sticker Fever.

  3. Kara, 25. February 2020, 13:42

    Many buildings in Wellington survived numerous quakes between 1941 (7.1) and the recent 7.8 quake. I was listening to the interview about the carillion this morning and my question that was generated is: what level of ground acceleration do all our city’s older (non hollow concrete) buildings have to resist before we start getting back to basics.

  4. Pseudopanax, 28. February 2020, 12:20

    The earthquake neurosis has done far more damage to Wellington than any shake.. creating a industry that feeds itself by creating more fear and stricter compliances…

  5. Robert D, 28. February 2020, 14:06

    Agree Pseudopanax it’s madness and the economic costs are still growing .