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Sacha Lees wins Adam Portraiture Award


News from NZ Portrait Gallery
Congratulations to Lower Hutt artist Sacha Lees for winning the 2020 Adam Portraiture Award with her portrait: “Sometimes an outline coloured in.”

Winners were selected by judges Karen Quinlan, Director of the National Portrait Gallery of Australia, and Linda Tyler, convenor of Museums and Cultural Heritage at the University of Auckland.

“Ruthless in her self-scrutiny, this artist has introduced two elements which provide added interest to her photorealistic technique. The first is the concept of representing the act of painting oneself literally by showing the brush and hand in the image. The second is showing the process of developing the finished work in stages with the outline of the figure waiting to be filled in, which gives the work its title. This is an assured painting which is both compelling and rewards close study”. – Judges’ comments.


Runner Up:
Vivienne Still
Engage, 2019,
acrylic on canvas

Concentrating on the elements of the subject’s clothing and hairstyle which communicate her youthful urban character, this artist has made an iconic image of a younger generation: the smart phone, ripped jeans, and dyed hair are as instantly recognizable as the setting on the Wellington waterfront”. – Judges’ comments

Highly Commended

Marcus Ebbett, Marcus 2019,
oil on canvas

Stephen Lawrie, Friday after work with Emma, 2017,
acrylic on canvas

Duncan Pepe Long, David, 2019,
oil on board.

Lisa Munnelly, Stephen 2019,
brushed powdered charcoal.

Todd Simpson, Screwed Up-A Self-Portrait 2019,
acrylic on aluminum board.