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More harbour contamination – at bottom of Tory Street

News from Wellington Water
Regular water quality monitoring at the Tory Street culvert has shown an increase in faecal coliforms (which can indicate the presence of wastewater) to levels that have triggered investigations by Wellington Water crews to determine the source of contamination.

The area is not a recreational swimming site, however signage will be placed as a precaution until testing indicates water quality has returned to safe levels.

Sampling will also be undertaken at Oriental Bay and the Whairepo Lagoon as a precaution, however it is not expected that these areas will be impacted due to dilution.

Wellington Water’s water quality monitoring programme enables rapid detection and response to contamination events. Response thresholds are deliberately set at precautionary levels in order to minimise public risk.


  1. S McS, 28. February 2020, 9:32

    Wellington Water = glorified sign put-er-outtas. Why not save time and leave the signs out till Wellington Water and the City Council get their sh*t together.

  2. Ms Green, 28. February 2020, 10:39

    Rapid detection and response? That cannot be true. If it were, then why all these events at once and only after media “detection”. Does Wellington Water only respond after the event? Does it have an asset management programme and carry it out? Who is and was monitoring that? Which committee? Which public Bod(ies)? Where is the risk profile?

    What does Wellington Water really do?