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Porirua to pay for a ‘roving crew’ to check water quality in harbour and streams

News from Porirua City Council
The Porirua City Council is taking proactive and timely action to address water quality issues in its waterways. The Council has included $250,000 in its draft Annual Plan to implement Wellington Water’s proposal to establish a roving crew for this initiative from 1 July.

The crew will be established by Wellington Water, a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) which provides shared water network services to the Porirua City Council and five other councils across the Wellington region.

Porirua City Mayor Anita Baker says this crew will more closely monitor water quality in Porirua’s streams and harbour, and take immediate action to address any issues.

“Like other councils in the region, we have ongoing problems with faulty residential cross-connections between wastewater and stormwater systems, which results in wastewater flowing into our waterways and then into the harbour.

“We know this is something our community is really concerned about and we’re serious about taking real action to address this. That means alongside our funding commitment for the roving crew, we will be enacting new bylaws that support their work,” says Mayor Baker.

Wellington Water’s roving crew initiative is being considered by other councils across the region and could be a great example of the advantages of a shared service model for water network management.

“If other Councils in the region also support this new initiative through committed investment, the scale will deliver more efficiencies and benefits for each participating Council than can be achieved alone,” says Mayor Baker.

With scale, Wellington Water would be in a position to invest in technology to support this work, such as drones that hover over waterways to take temperature readings that signal problems far more quickly than is currently possible.

“In the meantime, we’re delighted to take the lead in this region in taking tangible action to improve on the situation we’re currently in with our rivers, streams and harbour,” says Mayor Baker.

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  1. Neaven Grady, 28. February 2020, 14:10

    Sound like another waste of money. The Council and Wellington Water have made up another way to charge us more for doing what they are already paid to do.

  2. Local, 29. February 2020, 12:59

    What exactly is a roving crew if it is not already Wellington Water? Have they never already been roving around checking the pipes? Were they just standing in one place waiting for pipes to burst and leak or pour shit onto our beaches.

    Problem solved now and no need for Wellington City Council’s task force. We will have a roving crew to replace Wellington Water or add to it. Yeah right?