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Air NZ offering bargains: $79 from Wellington to Sydney

Press Release – Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand is slashing the price of Tasman fares to stimulate travel in the wake of softening demand due to the coronavirus.

Air New Zealand Chief Revenue Officer Cam Wallace says one-way fares will drop as low as $69 on flights from Auckland to Melbourne and $79 from Wellington to Sydney.

“Customers are going to get some ridiculously good deals on flights across the Tasman. Like all airlines we have seen some softness in demand on routes like the Tasman where we now have some empty seats due to travellers mainly from Asian destinations not connecting between New Zealand and Australia.

“Kiwis and Aussies are going to be able to head away for holidays or to see family and friends or do business for cheaper than a night’s accommodation at most hotels.

“We’d encourage customers to get in quick as the cheap seats are likely to sell faster than tickets for this weekend’s $50 million dollar Lotto draw,” Mr Wallace says.

Here are some of the ridiculously cheap seat only fares going on sale today for travel from mid-March:

Auckland-Melbourne: $69

Auckland-Brisbane: $79

Auckland-Sydney: $79

Christchurch-Melbourne: $69

Christchurch-Brisbane: $79

Wellington-Sydney: $79

The ridiculously cheap fares are available now until the end of Monday.


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  1. Gwynn Compton, 28. February 2020, 16:22

    Checking the flights back from Sydney – they get even by expensive return flights.

  2. greenwelly, 28. February 2020, 16:34

    That’s partially because travel taxes in Australia get levied on departing passengers. It costs ~$120 AUD in taxes/fees to leave Sydney Airport. NZ tends to have its charges slightly more balanced between departing and arriving pax..

  3. Chris Horne, 28. February 2020, 20:56

    Deplorable! When will airlines like Air New Zealand start taking seriously the fact that air travel pollutes the atmosphere with C02, a potent greenhouse gas. Air travel must be reduced world-wide to slow the approaching climate change emergency.

  4. N.D., 28. February 2020, 21:01

    @Greenwelly – Air and sea passengers over 12 years of age departing Australia are levied a $60 Passenger Movement Charge.

  5. Dan Tosfery, 29. February 2020, 8:04

    @C.Horne – approaching emergency but GWRC and WCC have already declared a climate change emergency. I think the imminent emergency is Coronavirus – would you fancy breathing recycled air on a plane for 4 hours with this virus about?

  6. Greenwelly, 29. February 2020, 8:38

    N.D . That’s the government tax , there is a similar sized charge from the airport company

  7. K, 29. February 2020, 8:49

    @chris Horne: climate change activists are losing support every time they suggest people should stop flying, which most people think is a ridiculous suggestion. Instead they should be arguing that every flight should be mandated to be offset 100% by carbon reduction options, which is something I think most people would get behind even if it made tickets slightly more expensive.

  8. Paul McGill, 29. February 2020, 10:55

    You would think with Coronavirus you would make NZ regional flights cheaper. Get NZers to spend their holidays IN NZ. [via twitter]

  9. Bozo the Clown, 29. February 2020, 12:14

    K they are losing credibility more like.

  10. N.D., 29. February 2020, 16:59

    GreenWelly – NZ levies a $35 tax on tourists (everybody excepting Australasians, Pacific islanders and air and ship crew) arriving into NZ. So NZ taxes some arrivals and nearly all departures which for Tasman travel means eastwards movements get taxed but not westwards movements.

  11. TrevorH, 29. February 2020, 20:19

    @ Chris Horne: CO2 is essential for life. Plants thrive when levels are between 500 and 2000ppm; they die when levels are beneath 180ppm, as every horticulturalist knows. This is science, not propaganda.

  12. Greenwelly, 1. March 2020, 13:01

    N.D. Yes this is true, but the original comments were based on the taxes and fees collected by the airline, and are hence baked into the price of Trans Tasman air tickets. Your airline ticket includes more taxes and fees flying from Australia to NZ than vice versa … hence Air Nz have higher fares from Aust to Nz vs Nz to Aust
    Things like NZETA And Visitor are levied individually and therefore don’t impact on the ticket prices (but yes they do impact on the overall cost, but they are not in what you pay the airlines.

  13. Kara, 1. March 2020, 14:32

    I guess we’ll have to go back to sailing boats. . .

  14. BHS, 1. March 2020, 15:27

    Well said TrevorH! CO2 is getting vilified by all and sundry when in fact it is essential for life on earth. It is also ironic that the Greens despise carbon now but are so in love with organic farming which is of course based on …:. Carbon!

  15. Theta Grunberg, 1. March 2020, 22:00

    the same price as it is between wellington and christchurch or auckland…as i have free accom in sydney that’s a budget weekend away for 1/2 the price of the interislander to picton (car incl).