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Metlink cutting back train and bus schedules starting Wednesday

News from Metlink
In response to the Prime Minister’s address today on raised COVID-19 levels, Metlink will be moving to Sunday services across all public transport modes from Wednesday.

Metlink GM Scott Gallacher says that while there are still a number of issues to work out, all trains and buses will move to Sunday services after Tuesday.

“We’ll work to deliver to the current timetables across the network tomorrow but from first thing Wednesday morning, Sunday timetables will be implemented,” says Mr Gallacher.

Buses will no longer board from the front door. Metlink apologises to customers who rely on the accessibility options provided at the front door and encourages customers to find out more about Total Mobility services during this time by calling 0800 801 700.

Customers will be encouraged to continue their own physical distancing practices on all trains and buses, leaving a space next to them where they can.

As part of the move to Sunday timetables, Metlink school bus services will not run from Wednesday.

Due to the change in alert level, East by West Ferries in conjunction with the Regional Council have decided to cancel Wellington Harbour Ferry services until further notice but at least the next four weeks.

From Wednesday we will be putting in additional measures to reduce contact between staff and passengers in line with the government guidelines for a level 4 alert status. The front two carriages of every train service will be staff only, so passengers will need to board the rear two carriages.

Customers will be encouraged to continue their own physical distancing practices on all trains by leaving a space next to them where they can. We ask that you respect this distancing with our staff as they continue to run the trains for you and provide a core service to the community.

From Wednesday we will no longer have retail staff at any stations including Wellington station. Our Customer Service Kiosk will be closed, and we will no longer be offering a lost property service. If you have any questions about Metlink travel please refer to the Metlink website or call centre on 0800 801 700.

In line with our weekend timetable the Melling line will not be running, and we are still looking into options for the Wairarapa service.

There is a staff call button in every train carriage near the door, so please use this to speak to the crew in an emergency. At stations the emergency duress points are available for contact with our security team. For any general rail enquiries, you will still need to contact the Metlink team by phone on 0800 801 700 or online.

April 2020 Monthly pass refunds

On Tuesday 24 March there will be one dedicated ticket window open at Wellington Railway station to process refunds of monthly passes purchased in advance for April 2020. We thank our early bird and online customers for purchasing their pass in advance.

For a refund to be processed you must produce your April 2020 monthly pass, proof of purchase, and the card it was purchased on for an immediate refund onto that card.

Outside of this short window tomorrow we are still discussing if and how any requests for refunds maybe be handled. We will update the website once this is decided, so please check back for more information. Please be patient as this is an unprecedented situation which has changed quickly and we need to work through any new process.

Line specific timetables are provided below:

Kapiti Line

Departing from Waikanae stopping all stations at:
5am – 7am hourly on the hour
7am – 8pm half hourly at :00 and :30 past the hour
8pm – 11pm hourly on the hour

Departing from Wellington stopping all stations at:
7.14am – 7.14pm half hourly services departing at :14 and :44 past the hour
7.14pm – 11.14pm hourly services departing at :14 past the hour

Hutt Valley Line

Departing from Wellington stopping at all stations at:
7.05am – 7.05pm half hourly at :05 and :35 past the hour
7.05pm – 11.05pm hourly at :05 past the hour

Departing from Upper Hutt stopping all stations at:
5:00am and 6:00am
7am – 8pm half hourly at :00 and :30 past the hour
8pm – 11pm hourly at :00 past the hour

Johnsonville line

Departing from Johnsonville and stopping all stations at:
7.30am – 8.30pm half hourly at :00 and :30 past the hour
8.30pm – 11.30pm hourly at :30 past the hour

Departing from Wellington and stopping all stations at:
7.02am – 7.02pm half hourly at :02 and :32 past the hour
7.02pm – 11.02pm hourly at :02 past the hour

Wairarapa Line
On Tuesday 24 March and Wednesday 25 March we will run a weekend train timetable:
Departing from Masterton stopping all stations at 7.45am and 4.45pm
Departing from Wellington stopping all stations at 9.55am and 6.55pm

From Thursday 26 March the Wairarapa service will be bus replaced and will operate on a weekend bus replacement timetable:
Departing from Masterton stopping all stations at 7.15am and 4.45pm
Departing from Wellington stopping all stations at 9.25am and 6.55pm

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  1. Kara, 24. March 2020, 12:20

    Sunday timetables ok. does that mean that supergold card holders can travel with no Snapper all day?

  2. Mike Mellor, 24. March 2020, 21:47

    Kara, Metlink have tonight announced that all train and bus travel in the region will be free until June.

  3. BHS, 25. March 2020, 11:42

    What is the advice in terms of social distancing on trains and buses? Won’t free fares increase use when the Government wants reduced use. Will you have to prove you are going to/from the supermarket?

  4. Morris Oxford, 25. March 2020, 12:22

    BHS, don’t worry about increased use. The drivers are now all under 70.

  5. Mike Mellor, 25. March 2020, 17:30

    BHS, since we have to stay home unless you’re an essential worker, doing essential shopping, or taking exercise in your local area, if everybody sticks to this (and anybody who doesn’t do that is undermining the whole exercise) the absence of fares shouldn’t make any difference to patronage.

    Stay home!

  6. Andy Foster, 26. March 2020, 7:51

    BHS – I absolutely agree with Mike Mellor. The advice on many areas is evolving but essentially travel has to be for an essential purpose – essential work, and possibly (I will check) if that is the only way to get to the supermarket/pharmacy.

    The key to beating Covid 19 is to break the chain of people-to-people contact. Being on a bus or train is a risk point – you need to avoid being in proximity to other people who you aren’t living with, and you also need to be aware that the virus can survive on surfaces for up to 3 days (varies apparently by surface). So if – as you will – you are touching say metal railings, you could either pick up or leave Covid 19 virus there. Advice is to wash hands thoroughly/sanitise before getting onto a bus or train, and again after you get off. Avoiding touching your face during that period is also very important. Sounds paranoid – but that’s what we have to do to beat this thing. If you do not have to travel for essential purposes – then don’t travel. Obviously if you are not well then DO NOT travel. Stay safe – look after yourselves and after each other by staying separate (physically) – kia kaha

  7. Curtis Nixon, 26. March 2020, 9:25

    Well put Andy. It is reassuring how competent the New Zealand authorities are being in dealing with Covid 19. Your comments like this one are above and beyond bland official pronouncements – you show a level of engagement that is reassuring. Keep it up!

  8. BHS, 26. March 2020, 10:07

    Can the bus driver ask what your travel purpose is and refuse entry if he thinks your trip is non essential?

  9. Guy M, 26. March 2020, 17:56

    We’ve been asked to stay put for the next 4 weeks – that takes us to about 22 April. But meanwhile Metlink are planning that “all train and bus travel in the region will be free until June” – assuming that they have more Govt knowledge than the rest of us, does this mean that in reality, we are facing at least 2 months lockdown, possibly 3?