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Andy Foster says he’s looking at “options” to ease rates burden

There’s hope for some rates relief in Wellington.

Mayor Andy Foster has not yet pointed to any reduction in the rates increase of 9.2 per cent that he announced ten days ago.

But in a mayoral statement tonight, he talked about “options”:

Regarding the Annual Plan, and the impact of Covid-19 on Wellingtonians – there’s great pressure on businesses and Wellington ratepayers due to the current situation, so we’re working through some options for rates to ease the burden that people are currently facing.

This includes both the 2020/21 rates and also for the fourth instalment of the 2019/20 year.

We will be informing the public as soon as we can, in order to give people some certainty at this difficult time.

He’ll be aware that the Hutt City Council has moved faster than Wellington. Tonight Hutt Mayor Campbell Barry has announced that his council has agreed to review its proposed rates rise, with a view to reduce the increase.

A plan that Wellington should also be following.

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  1. michael, 25. March 2020, 23:36

    Hope one of the options is dumping the $200 million convention centre.