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NZFC’s CEO has covid-19 virus; in isolation at home in Wellington

News from NZFC
The New Zealand Film Commission’s CEO Annabelle Sheehan has been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus. Her symptoms are currently minor, and she is recovering in isolation at home in Wellington.

During the three-day period in which Annabelle was working in the Wellington office, asymptomatic but infectious, the NZFC was trialling its virtual-meeting capability. Therefore, there was reduced staff contact, no physical contact with people in the film industry or with other government officials, and none with Ministers or Parliamentary staff. Other professional and personal contacts have been informed.

All NZFC staff, who are working remotely, have been told. Those in close contact with Annabelle during the three-day period are informing or have informed their professional and personal contacts.

The NZFCs COO Mladen Ivancic will stand in as acting CEO while Annabelle recuperates.

The NZFC wishes Annabelle a safe recovery.