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“Community idiots”: warning to trail bikers seen hooning in valley and reserve

Statement from Kāpiti Coast Mayor K Gurunathan
While most of Kāpiti are choosing to remain in their bubbles and safe lives, there are some who are breaching the isolation protocols in place under Covid 19 Alert Level 4. In particular, I want to give a clear warning to those off-road trail bikers hooning up the Maungakotukutuku Valley and also at the Waikanae Estuary Scientific Reserve.

I realise that it is the role of local authorities to continue to educate the public but these blatant and continuous breaches in these two hotspots cannot be tolerated by our communities because they are a potential source of Covid 19 transmission and, therefore, a danger to the public. If there are accidents then the first responders, obliged to provide first aid, will also be put in danger.

The only words I have to describe them is to label them community idiots and I have directly asked the police to take action.

I appeal to the agitated local residents at Maungakotukutuku Valley, and the Waikanae Estuary where they are also damaging the sensitive environment, not to confront these people but continue to contact the police.

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  1. Gwynn Compton, 8. April 2020, 14:35

    Fully support Mayor Guru’s call for Police to crackdown on these idiots for both breaching the lockdown as well as damaging a conservation area. Would be good too if Police could do something about some of the morons who are using this opportunity to hoon around largely empty residential streets. I saw one such person hurtling their blue Ford station wagon down Manly St the other morning at well above the speed limit.

  2. Chris Horne, 9. April 2020, 17:57

    Mayor Guru is right – well done. Best of luck to our police officers stopping these yobbos and prosecuting them in our court system. The yobbos and their rowdy machines devastate the areas they frequent, damage native plant communities and disturb wildlife, walkers and runners.