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  1. Conor, 11. April 2020, 9:52

    I think there are projects in Wellington, though not necessarily council projects. This piece makes a good point about why we should be targeting residential construction and maintenance (Less consent faffing and higher percentage spend on labour force).
    Two private sector projects I would target for a government takeover and rejig are the rest homes in Crofton Downs (started) and Karori (at consent process). Rest Homes are likely to be hit hard by this, but small homes for 1 or 2 are one of the major missing parts of housing provision in NZ.

  2. Island Bay Healthy Streets, 11. April 2020, 10:13

    Just a reminder that The Island Bay Parade Upgrade is a “shovel-ready” project worth ~$10m that could be started within 6 months. Newtown Connections could probably meet that timeline too, bringing total value to ~$40m. Main barriers so far: WgtnCC consultation stasis & nzta red tape. [via twitter]

  3. luke, 11. April 2020, 12:33

    Petone to Ngauranga cycleway?

  4. Andrew, 11. April 2020, 13:53

    Both the Petone to Ngauranga shared pathway and the Kaiwharawhara Ferry Terminal seem good contenders – with the caveat that extra work should be done to ensure they’re engineered with future sea level change in mind to protect the investment. In fact this investment would also protect the Hutt line rail route and SH2.

  5. jamie, 12. April 2020, 8:01

    The projects here are jobs for highly skilled people who might not have been working due to covid delays on their projects. Apart from stop go men, construction projects with diggers pipes and trenches don’t have anywhere for unskilled people. Oh i forgot someone has to count and check all the road cones. We have stringent health and safety legislation which won’t allow anyone near a shovel on these jobs.
    I agree with Conor that it is housing housing housing which will get unskilled people reemployed. This is not unskilled from work this is people who work in film and hospo who will need to find new careers.
    It is also shutting the door on immigration and making kiwis do the jobs; the farming industry will have to get used to this as well. (note I’m a farmer).

  6. CPH, 12. April 2020, 17:30

    I agree with Conor and Jamie that housing should be the priority because it needs plenty of people with hammers instead of a small number of people with cranes. But of course there aren’t lots of housing projects because it’s so hard and so expensive to get a consent to build anything.

  7. Thomas Nash, 14. April 2020, 11:41

    All the Mayors in the region & the GWRC Chair worked together on a series of projects to submit – I believe electrification from Waikanae to Palmerston North is on the list, but not immediately shovel ready. Also will be KiwiRail-led. We are definitely pushing for new trains. [via twitter]

  8. Conor Hill, 14. April 2020, 12:11

    Can you confirm that Kiwirail has definitely submitted this project? [via twitter]

  9. Ms Green, 14. April 2020, 12:23

    Re Thomas Nash’s comment that “all the mayors worked on a series of projects to submit.” . What did the WCC submit? Anyone know? Why aren’t we being told? Are they only transport related?