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Not only bears in Brooklyn

bb2 [1]

In Brooklyn, the oversupply of bears in windows is getting some competition – from a fox and a dog. The two friends are having daily adventures outside a house in Mills Road.

bb1 [2]

Not only adventures, but also some housework (like the rest of us.)

bb3 [3]

bb5 [4]

They’re a versatile pair – not only fishing ..

bb-badminton [5]

… but also playing badminton.

bb6 [6]

bb7 [7]

bb-penthouse [8]

Back in the world of bears, this one is waiting inside the front doors of the Penthouse cinema, closed since lockdown began.

bb-bakery [9]

And this quartet is looking out from a Brooklyn deli, which advises that deliveries of its bread are possible.

bb-bus-stop [10]

A sad sight yesterday in a Brooklyn bus stop. But today he was gone, so he must have been able to make an essential journey.