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  1. michael, 22. May 2020, 16:42

    Along with thousands of Wellingtonians I share your dreams, hopes and the nightmares which seem to be taking over as far as our iconic and well loved library is concerned.

  2. Sean, 22. May 2020, 20:54

    Helene, who would have guessed. Your wish has become a reality the very day you posted it. Tonight’s press release from the mayor, supported by key councillors, has confirmed that a proper central library for Wellington is indeed a dream!

  3. Wade, 23. May 2020, 13:43

    The Central Library and Civic Square has been my favourite place in Wellington since I first moved here in 1992. So much of what I’ve learned and what I’ve used to teach my students has come directly from the Library. It infuriates me that the wonks at WCC have sat on their hands for more than a year. I hope a new batch of people run for council next time and help the WCC get rid of the rot.

  4. Polly, 23. May 2020, 15:00

    Wade it is just not the Library that councillors have delayed. Don’t forget our Town Hall, a world famous concert venue that will have been closed for more than ten years before we get to start using it again.

  5. Gwynneth Jansen, 24. May 2020, 13:59

    Brilliant – what a vision Helene!
    If only we could infuse the current council with such enthusiasm, imagination and persistence.

  6. Helene Ritchie, 24. May 2020, 18:00

    We will!
    Well we will try!