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  1. lindsay, 22. May 2020, 17:43

    “We are sharing all the engineering and costing information…” Andy – how about sharing it more widely, and sending a copy to wellington.scoop.

  2. sean, 22. May 2020, 17:57

    The Johnsonville library and the Christchurch libraries are pale shadows of the (former) Wellington Central Library offering. How can they seriously be considered as models for a central library?

  3. Traveller, 22. May 2020, 17:59

    Fleur Fitzsimons says residents are missing the library and the council needs to get it open again as soon as possible. Words words words. No indication from the council that there are any plans to get it open as soon as possible.

  4. michael, 22. May 2020, 18:39

    What on earth is going on? Wellingtonians have waited months for the engineering report and then the WCC releases it to the NZ Herald. Why wasn’t it released to Wellington.Scoop at the same time? Is this because scoop and its readers will ask the difficult questions that the WCC doesn’t want to answer? So much for openness, but it is not surprising given their track record on the library to date. It smacks of manipulation.

  5. Wendy, 22. May 2020, 19:06

    I am finding it hard to believe the comments from councillors regarding the library are little more than a WCC PR exercise, as their support for it over the past year has been noticeably lacking in the public arena.

  6. Local, 22. May 2020, 19:27

    Do Councillors really believe that their comments will open our library anytime soon? I don’t think so.

  7. Miranda, 22. May 2020, 19:39

    Hang on. We were promised the engineers’ report by the mayor to be released today. This is not the engineers’ report.

  8. Meredith, 22. May 2020, 19:51

    Why does the Council want to rark up the public with this nonsense?
    We are angry enough already. We know what we want, and the Council should that know by now. It’s been really obvious.

    We are not paid over $100,00 as councillors are, to talk and talk and talk. We have lives. Many have unpaid lives. None of us are paid just to talk and talk. Councillors should not be either. They are paid to make decisions, not to zoom us endlessly and pretend they don’t yet know what we want.

    We want civic square cleaned up, not tarted up at huge unnecessary expense. We don’t want more “consultation”. We want our library back.

  9. Hel, 22. May 2020, 21:28

    I have sympathy for the Councillors being asked to make decisions based on this. What was a straight forward problem – strengthen the existing building so that it can reopen – has been made so complex that it is incomprehensible. The way I read it the old library services are now supposedly at the end of their useful lives, seems this came as a surprise to Council and they had no budget or funding set aside for the services to be replaced. This services issue has nothing to do with earthquake strengthening, this has everything to do with a fundamental lack of stewardship of Council assets. Good luck Councillors trying to make any sense of this, let alone any decisions.

  10. Northland, 22. May 2020, 23:43

    What happened to the views of Adam Thornton et al from last year’s NZIA meeting: “It has not been damaged. It can be remediated… the cost of strengthening could be half the figure of $100m quoted by Justin Lester” and “The work could get underway in a couple of months, if there was the will to do it.”

    The Council needs to concentrate on the core problem of making the existing building safe and forget about the ‘nice to have’ extras. Everyone is tightening their belts except the Council it seems.

  11. Kara, 23. May 2020, 14:47

    Good luck to the councillors who are trying to minimise the cost of returning our central library to us. From what I can glean it seems that the cheapest option is to demolish the present building and build anew.

  12. Simon Swampy Marsh, 24. May 2020, 12:02

    Why use the old “council builds and owns and ratepayer pays” model. Why not a council/private partnership? A superb library space. Retail space and office or residential on upper levels. Councillors I hope you discuss this model as an option. [via twitter]

  13. michael, 24. May 2020, 12:43

    Whats wrong with just doing what Adam Thornton suggested at the public meeting. There are many other buildings with the same floor system in Wellington and they have been successfully strengthened at much less cost than the WCC is claiming. The problem is that the council wants to turn the library into another huge vanity project.