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Buses replace off-peak trains on Hutt Valley line – an old signal cable needs fixing

News from Metlink
All Melling train services, and off-peak Hutt Valley and Wairarapa Line train services will be replaced by buses today as we work on emergency signal repairs.

Train services were suspended on the Melling line between Wellington and Melling yesterday morning following a signal fault on the line.

While these train services were suspended, maintainers worked to locate and diagnose the fault along a 3km stretch of the Hutt Valley Line which required various tests at multiple sites. This testing also required the network to be free of train movements, so the Hutt line was also bus replaced.

The fault was located yesterday afternoon and repairs were organised. These repairs, unfortunately, cannot take place at night or while our services are running in the section.

This fault affects a section between Ngauranga and Petone and was caused by damage to the signalling power supply cable. This section of cable is the last of its kind throughout the Wellington region and is due to be replaced with modern, updated cabling as part of the Wellington Metro upgrade project.

Since these works can only be done in daylight hours, this means that today Wednesday, services that use this section of track will need to be bus replaced so we can get these repairs done.