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  1. Mavis, 9. June 2020, 20:23

    Councillor Nicola Young posted on the Save Our Library facebook site and talked of the most expensive $200million option for the library. Why? Is she supporting demolition?

  2. michael, 10. June 2020, 0:06

    @ Mavis: on Newstalk ZB a couple of weeks ago Nicola Young said she supported building a new Library for $160 million, even though building experts have consistently said it would be more expensive to build a new Library (including the considerable costs of demolition) than to strengthen the existing one.

  3. D'Esterre, 10. June 2020, 11:36

    With regard to the Carillon and the strengthening thereof: none of this makes any sense. How is it possible that it was strengthened, yet a detailed seismic assessment wasn’t done beforehand? How on earth would anyone know what strengthening was needed without a prior assessment?

    I know that DSAs were being carried out before 2014. Something about this suggests that we aren’t being told the full story.

  4. Local, 10. June 2020, 15:23

    None of the earthquake strengthening anywhere seems to make sense.
    The Town Hall was strengthened in the early 1990’s and now it is being strengthened again – for how much and taking how long?

  5. Mark Shanks, 16. June 2020, 9:21

    The Navigator is one of NZ’s greatest films and many of its images recurred to me during lock down. Thanks for referencing it.