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  1. Elaine Hampton, 18. June 2020, 12:50

    NZTA has chosen the seaward side of the railway tracks – so the trains are to be protected by pedestrians and cyclists, and cars by the trains and pedestrians and cyclists during freak wave events and sea level rise. Cyclists and walkers are far more easily swept away than carriages and cars. Madness if anyone asked me.

  2. Casey, 18. June 2020, 13:41

    So what would you rather Elaine: $250million or more and a decade to shift the rail tracks, or barriers that close the new pedestrian/cycle way on the odd day per year when the weather is doing its worst? There are times when cyclists need to compromise.

  3. greenwelly, 18. June 2020, 14:17

    So instead of a waterfront promenade you want the shared path to be built wedged between the tracks and the busy road? Such a solution would be seriously sub optimal and unlikely to be widely used + it would encourage significant trespass across the rail corridor as people sought access to the waterfront for fishing..etc.

  4. jamie, 19. June 2020, 7:15

    This isn’t going to create jobs for the people unemployed in hospo, retail and tourism. This is just going to increase the problems with getting building and construction projects going, while sacrificing the environment. Hereis the link to the project. The extent of reclamation looks as wide as the 4 lane motorway. This is still a non complying consent – even with fast tracking it still won’t be easy to avoid, mitigate or remedy the adverse environmental effects.
    This is the perfect balance problem. Cycling and walking is better for the climate but reclaiming thousands of metres of rocky seashore can’t be good. You can’t argue against extending the airport and support the reclamation of this seashore, which will have a greater effect on the sea.

  5. Patrick Morgan, Cycling Action Network, 22. June 2020, 11:59

    I’m cautiously excited about this project. The need is great.
    It’ll be transformational. For the first time, there will be a cycle link between the two main population centres in the region. It will unleash pent-up demand. But I want to be sure environmental and mana whenua concerns aren’t sidelined in the haste to push the project through.

  6. greenwelly, 22. June 2020, 14:51

    Anyone want to take wagers on which project will get completed first,
    This one, or the required complement on Thorndon Quay that is now part of LGWM….