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  1. Ian Apperley, 24. June 2020, 9:30

    I wonder what the combined total cost is. We know that WREDA is rumoured to be in the $20m per annum region, not confirmed, and that Experience Wellington is around $9m. Why do we need multiple CCOs?

  2. Benny, 24. June 2020, 16:06

    WellingtonNZ coming across as a tourist hub for Wellington? It certainly does. But not long ago it was also making a pledge for the airport runway extension. The true face of WREDA, a lobbyist for businesses.

  3. michael, 24. June 2020, 20:19

    The whole thing sounds confusing, inefficient and expensive.

  4. TrevorH, 25. June 2020, 7:58

    Wellington is certainly an increasingly “curious” place. It attracts self important paper shufflers on inflated rates funded salaries like the proverbial to blowflies.

  5. Hugh Rennie QC, 25. June 2020, 16:08

    It’s not easy to locate the annual financial statements of WREDA – they are available here.
    The Wellington Museums Trust (trading as Experience Wellington) is a registered charity and its annual financial statements are on the Charities register online – well, mostly. In the 2019 year, the City Council paid it just over $9 million and also a further $187,574 as an “underwrite” but Notes 21 and 22 to the accounts which explain this are missing. However a similar sum was paid in the previous year to cover operating losses of Space Place at the Carter Observatory and the Hannah Playhouse, so it is probably the same again.
    While it is not easy to work out how much in total these entities received from the Council, the 2018-2028 Annual Plan’s aim is to maintain the Council’s contribution to WREDA at less than 50% of total expenditure – which would indicate a current payment about $15-$16 million from WCC (plus about another $4 million from the Regional Council).
    It looks as if those activities which meet the test of being a charity (and so tax exempt) are in the Museums Trust, the rest in WREDA.
    Whether any of this is value to ratepayers you can determine by reading the annual reports online.

  6. Traveller, 25. June 2020, 16:55

    Re our “greater” council:
    Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.
    Who thrust greatness on the regional council?