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  1. Paul Terry, 25. June 2020, 11:28

    Our building was recently assessed by a technician who came around knocking on walls with his knuckles, how technical was that. Then issued a 19 page report at a cost of $2,500 for about 2 hours work.

  2. Kara, 25. June 2020, 12:57

    Apartment buildings are not public spaces and therefore the legislation should not be applied to such entities. I am very thankful that I don’t own an apartment in Wellington given the present legislation.

  3. Scott, 25. June 2020, 17:39

    My partner and I are personally facing close to $750,000 as our share of costs for our building. To put it simply, this law has stuffed us for life. We’ll be lucky to break even when we sell once the work is completed. We will have to sell as the finances don’t stack-up (that is even with current low interest rates we can’t afford the size of debt). Basically someone else with deep pockets will benefit from our nine years of planning and sleepless nights and we will be without our home, in massive debt and lack the ability to purchase another house to live in. I’m in my 50s so this represents the end of retiring in any security. Id be happy even if the govt wiped the GST and went halves on costs. That would be a slightly less bitter pill to swallow.

  4. Shona Butterfield, 25. June 2020, 19:40

    Private individuals should not be carrying costs for public safety. This article sets out very clear and appropriate actions for Government to take. They should be actioned promptly. This issue has impacted people’s lives unnecessarily for far too long. And who else will be treated similarly in future if this is not sorted now.

  5. Sarah, 26. June 2020, 2:18

    I’m facing a massive strengthening bill ($350,000) as a single woman who bought a central city apartment in 2010 at 28 as my first home, just days before the first Christchurch earthquake. The RV of my apartment is now under half of what I paid for it back in 2010 – it is worth only 240K even though I have been forced to over-capitalise it up to a value of 780K as well face the costs of moving out for a year (with additional rent + ongoing mortgage costs) to comply with the legislation. I hope to get through thanks to support from whanau and a truly massive savings effort, but it destroyed my chance to build any kind of financial future and has been a massive source of stress through 10 years of my life.

  6. Paul Perniskie, 26. June 2020, 7:09

    Geraldine a really powerful article. Agree with the comments. Poorly thought through central government policy that has as you say created a very unjust result for apartment dwellers. Best of luck in obtaining a fair hearing on your submission.

  7. David Mackenzie, 26. June 2020, 8:00

    As the authority has imposed a change in requirement for safety, over what at the time of purchase was adequate and sufficient, the authority should meet the entire costs of remediation. I see no reason why the innocent owners or rate-payers should be left to meet the cost.

  8. John, 26. June 2020, 11:18

    The basic problem regarding EPB notices stems from public panic and insurers’ reluctance to insure buildings deemed at risk. The %NBS assessment is still a crude tool but considerably better than the IEP assessments undertaken by the Council. The latter led to many buildings being classified according to an absolute minimum of data. This panic has now become a need for Council and Govt to minimize their liability. The consequences we see now. Hopefully some good may come from this submission.

  9. Paul, 26. June 2020, 15:25

    10 years of angst looking at multiple options costing us $100,000s in reports and designs, all to get us to point where we are now earthquake strengthening at a huge personal cost

    We had to move out in September and the work is unlikely to be completed until late 2020. Paying rent and a significantly increased mortgage at the same time.

    This on an apartment that was already earthquake strengthened when we bought it in 2007.

  10. Laura, 27. June 2020, 10:14

    These unjust demands by WCC and Central Government are crippling for not only residential owners but also small commercial earthquake-prone building owners. The cost to my health is enormous, after 26 years business, I will close my small business in a week’s time to have surgery, my health was sacrificed so that I could scrimp and save over the last ten years for a deposit for another property while I have to vacate my small building where I work and also live while undertaking building strengthening. Too many hours working on a hard concrete floor at early starts for years have taken a massive toll and I am done. Come and fine me WCC, bring in your bulldozers Central Government, but as I’ve said at many public meeting, you will never own or steal my bit of land. I’m beyond disgusted by this situation that I’ve being placed in, by incompetent decision makers at local and central Government.