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Men rescued from harbour after jetboat sinks off Somes Island

News from NZ Police
Police were called today after a jet boat with two men on board was sinking in Wellington Harbour. The two men had jumped off the sinking boat and were found floating in the water one kilometer off Somes Island.

Both men were wearing life jackets.

One of the men, who was rescued by police, was suffering from hypothermia. The other man was rescued by Red Hot Marine staff who were in a nearby boat. They were treated by ambulance staff on arrival at the Seaview Marina.

One of the men agreed they would have drowned if not for the life jackets.

The pair had noticed water flooding into the hull of the vessel as soon as they got up to speed. Despite efforts to stem the flood, the 5.8m jet boat started sinking quickly before the men could call on their VHF radio.

The owner of the vessel is recovering it from the seabed.

Constable Kyle Smith of the Wellington Police Maritime Unit commended both men, saying the incident emphasises how important it is to be prepared when heading out on the water. Water safety is so important and simple common sense checks can prevent needless tragedies. It’s important when boating to be familiar with navigational hazards in your area to ensure a safe passage.

Boaties are reminded to:
– always wear a life jacket when they are boating, jet skiing or using other craft on the water
– have two forms of waterproof communication on board
– make sure their equipment is safe and working
– leave their trip intentions with someone onshore
– always check the water and weather forecast.

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