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Slip south of Petone delays motorway traffic – queues back to Terrace Tunnel

petone slip 2

A slip on the motorway near the Petone offramp delayed northbound traffic for five hours this afternoon.

The slip, first reported at 3pm, was blocking one of the two northbound lanes.

But then both lanes were closed as contractors worked to clear it.

Queues at 4pm were back to the Terrace Tunnel and up the Ngauranga Gorge.

At 4.20, when one lane was still blocked, an electronic notice board above the motorway in Wellington said the trip from Wellington to Petone would take 74 minutes.

The lane was still blocked at 5pm, and delays had worsened to reach the CBD. At 5.30 delays were back to the Willis Street intersection giving access to the motorway, where an electronic sign was telling drivers to choose SH58.

The NZTA had earlier been telling motorists to travel on SH1 and then SH58. But later it said there were also delays on SH58.

It was all over, apart from congestion, at 7.05pm, when NZTA announced:

A large excavator has finished clearing the SH2 Petone slip site and both northbound lanes are now open. Please continue to delay your journey as northbound traffic remains significantly congested on the motorway and through the CBD.

The congestion hadn’t cleared till after 8pm – five hours after the slip was first reported.


  1. Levi, 29. June 2020, 17:52

    Turn round! Stay in Wellington for dinner !

  2. Georgina Campbell, 29. June 2020, 20:07

    The slip on SH2 just before Petone doesn’t really look that big? But NZTA says: “Crews are working to clear the slip but it is likely to significantly impact peak traffic time due to the safety risks involved and the need to get particular equipment to the site.” [via twitter]

  3. Chris Calvi-Freeman, 29. June 2020, 20:31

    Two men and a shovel could probably have removed that slip in the time it took to put those cones out! [via twitter]

  4. Joe, 29. June 2020, 20:51

    Incredible lackluster response from the ‘workers’ cleaning it up. A tiny excuse of a slip that could easily been pushed to the side to let the jam subside. But when I went past at 6:30 the small pile of rocks was still there and the crew was just standing around waiting for some decision to be made. Safety risks? Yeah right!.

  5. Tired, 30. June 2020, 7:46

    I left the Wellington Stadium at 4:27pm thinking I would be home early for the day (didn’t know about the slip). I took SH1 & SH58 as directed by signs, was at a standstill near Porirua for 40 minutes. Didn’t get to the Paremata roundabout until 6:16pm, finally made it to Upper Hutt by 7:10pm.
    Wish I’d taken SH2 and just driven over the mud!

  6. Eric Crampton, 30. June 2020, 9:26

    Hutt Road was making an excellent case for congestion charging last night. My 24 bus was crawling along for 20 minutes from Brandon St to the Tinakori merge. [via twitter]


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