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  1. michael, 30. June 2020, 15:33

    Are there any councillors prepared to answer these reasonable questions?

  2. Andrina, 30. June 2020, 15:56

    I concur with michael’s question. But we havent seen any councillor responding yet.

  3. Mal, 1. July 2020, 11:21

    I think there is a larger issue at hand here; for some reason WCC want to own the whole block….development maybe?

  4. George Troup, 1. July 2020, 12:18

    It seems inexplicable that the quickest and least expensive approach to rehabilitating a Wellington icon which provides an essential service is not being pursued in a straightforward manner. The Council must give clearer guidance to staff as to what is required.

  5. Paul, 3. July 2020, 18:31

    I share the concerns about flawed information being brought forward for councillors’ consideration of the options for future library development. These concerns were magnified in my mind when I was emailed a few days ago about a “Wellington City Libraries Customer Satisfaction Survey” – presumably as part of a random survey of WCL users. I filled in the survey but finished it feeling so dissatisfied. The questions were totally biased, verging on fraudulent.
    The very first substantive question was about which library branch had you most often visited in the last month and 6 months – no options for people who mainly or exclusively used the Central library in the past. Many of the subsequent questions were strongly slanted toward provision of on-line rather than physical services, including the reading of fiction and non-fiction books, and away from the availability of hard copies in actual buildings. There was no provision for comments.
    I urge any councillors reading this article, or people preparing for whatever public participation is possible in the debate, to ignore or discount any conclusions based on this fatally flawed survey.

  6. D'Esterre, 7. July 2020, 23:06

    Paul: “These concerns were magnified in my mind when I was emailed a few days ago about a Wellington City Libraries Customer Satisfaction Survey…” This reminds me of the time, many years ago now, when a so-called customer survey was used as “evidence” that there was commuter support for turning the Johnsonville railway line into a rapid busway. Or something of that sort. If I remember rightly, said survey was generated by the bus company serving our area (well, they would be keen on that option, wouldn’t they!). When their plan was revealed, it got the general thumbs down from the local populace. We saw them off, with the help of then-MP Peter Dunne.

    I wonder who generated the WCL survey? Would it have been Council staff? It sounds as if – just like that busway survey all those years ago – it’s intended to serve a predetermined purpose. Very dishonest.

  7. James, 10. July 2020, 14:15

    The French Government has now taken a decision on rebuilding Notre Dame after the fire of April 2019. Meanwhile, the Wellington City Council is still working out how to consult on the future of the central library after the closure of March 2019!

  8. Lindsay, 10. July 2020, 17:41

    The notable silence from Wellington city councillors – none of whom have responded to the ICW article – shows a sad disengagement from the issue of reopening the Central Library, for which Wellingtonians have expressed the strongest support.

  9. michael, 10. July 2020, 18:30

    Unfortunatley these projects seem to be driven by council staff, not the councillors or the public. If only WCC officers would accept they are paid to work in the best interests of the public, and start collaborating with the public at the beginning of a project not the end. This would prevent all the angst and costs associated with trying to defend their positions against public backlashes.

  10. Richard W Keller, 11. July 2020, 11:02

    The purpose (in the larger cultural/historical picture) of closing or even demolishing the library (and also building a giant white elephant convention centre) was (is still) to destroy the very concept of a ‘public’ library.
    The neo-liberal has become entrenched in the council officers, and the closing of the library at their advice is a bold step toward that historical outcome. Bold, yes, but we are living in desperate times, the Post Truth Era where denial has become mainstream.

  11. Concerned Wellingtonian, 11. July 2020, 14:24

    Yes, council staff do try to drive things, and Nicky Hager’s Shelly Bay report is devastating about this, especially since it shows that the then mayor seemed to be guiding them. But the rest of the councillors are there to control these things. That is where any blame should lie.

  12. Henry Duke, 13. July 2020, 19:26

    Maybe it became less of a priority when the covid-19 hit.

  13. Fleur Fitzsimons, 14. July 2020, 10:59

    Councillors will be deciding on the options to consult re the future of our loved Central Library next Tuesday. We have already indicated a preference for strengthening the existing building so watch this space for chance to have your say. [via twitter]