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Island Bay homes without electricity after unexplained power cut

More than 150 homes in Wellington’s Island Bay were without power for more than three hours tonight.

Wellington Electricity said the cause of the outage was unknown. It estimated power should be back on by 10pm but it was restored by 9.30.

Streets affected included Houghton Bay Road, Jackson Street, Melbourne Road, Volga Road, Bay Lair Grove and Mt Albert Road.

A spokesperson for the company told RNZ it was possible the grid could be overloaded, as it was a cold night and people would be trying to heat their homes.

At 8.45, there was no mention of the Island Bay power cut on Wellington Electricity’s website.

But instead it reported another power cut – this time in Stokes Valley, affecting Aratika Grove, Horoeka Street, and Tawhai Street. It estimated power would be restored by 11.45pm.