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Kelburn homes lose water supply – problem at reservoir

Homes in Kelburn lost their water supply this afternoon for what Wellington Water described as “a short period.”

The council-owned company did not give a reason for the cut in supply, and it didn’t say when the water was cut. But at 2.45 it said:

Water supply is returning as normal, however there may be a few air bubbles. We advise residents to run their outside taps for a short time, and avoid using appliances such as dishwashers where possible until fully restored.

Was the incident more serious that was being reported? Another piece of advice from Wellington Water:

To help the reservoir recover, we also ask residents in the impacted area to reduce consumption where possible for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening.

Finally at 3.30:

Our team has now fully opened the valve and service should be fully restored to all customers. However, we are still flushing the hydrants to remove air from the pipes and ensure that the water is clean. This will take some time and customers may experience noise in their pipes when using water (air pockets) and possibly some dirty water issues whilst we are flushing the network.