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  1. Liz, 3. July 2020, 21:15

    Please, just convert it into our library.

  2. michael, 4. July 2020, 9:35

    Please don’t convert it into our central library as it is too far away from the city centre and our central library should remaim in the existing iconic building and the surrounding Civic Square.

  3. Concerned Wellingtonian, 4. July 2020, 14:21

    The forecast income was a nonsense BEFORE Covid-19. Noting the lack of a public tender it was a complete jack-up. Gordon Campbell’s expert analysis is most welcome. Do something quickly, councillors!

  4. Gwynneth Jansen, 4. July 2020, 18:23

    I don’t want it, most of Wellington’s ratepayers don’t want it, there is no business case that makes sense and yet – here we are.

    This pitiful sentence encapsulates my feelings about the City Council. They steamroll through objections, insist on continuing with incoherent projects, continue to develop a car-centric city, continue to be a shareholder without a voice in the airport, continue to obfuscate about Shelly Bay and yet we elected a council of individually great people. It’s hard to stay engaged in round after round of consultation with little tangible result.

    Yes, all right I will mention the Central Library where people naively agreed that building new would be ‘cheaper’ – in what parallel universe do costs not mount exponentially especially when there is no design, no costing and basically no future? There was a solution proposed earlier on but no one was listening – and nothing has changed.

    I can’t see any substantive change happening any time soon. If only the the Wellington City Council would be courageous and reset priorities for the good of the city. There are a raft of issues around the three waters, housing, transport and wellbeing which need your attention.

  5. TrevorH, 4. July 2020, 18:32

    Hey WCC, the 70s just called! They want their Convention Centre back (along with any Barry Manilow records, disco balls and bell bottoms you have).

  6. Michael Gibson, 4. July 2020, 20:10

    I agree entirely with Gwynneth Jansen. Here is an extract from an email I’ve sent to Councillors today:
    1/ Have officers ever advised you that part of your statutory duty during the Annual Plan process is to give “due consideration” to views such as those presented in written and oral submissions?
    2/ If so, how are you doing this and how is your “due consideration” being recorded?”

  7. Geoffrey Horne, 5. July 2020, 10:12

    Lots has been written against our convention centre, but I am in favour of its development. What has been overlooked is the almost constant development of infrastructure in Auckland which is announced as the “national “ facility. At some time – the sooner the better – this trend needs to be halted lest NZ becomes one city and a few outlying villages. While this might be illogical from a financial viewpoint, the less Wellington develops the less we need to develop, which is a race to obscurity.

  8. Hel, 5. July 2020, 19:01

    There is a strong need for modern and upgraded facilities and anyone who has attended a conference in the TSB will attest to that. I keep reading that there isn’t a business case but I can find it on the Council website and it is actually a comprehensive document. This will be good for the city and I am happy for my commercial rates to pay towards it. It is a real shame there seems to be no crown funding – they are throwing the lollies around but Wellington certainly missing out. Perhaps Scoop could try a more positive approach to supporting investment in Wellington and get our local MPs activated.

  9. Concerned Wellingtonian, 6. July 2020, 7:04

    Hel, the trouble with the business case is its over-estimation of future income. Also it fails to explain why other new convention centres have become such a burden on the people who funded them. In Wellington’s case this will of course be us ratepayers.

  10. David Mackenzie, 6. July 2020, 13:58

    Vis-a-vis the Central Library. I presume the library is continuing to purchase stock at a similar rate as previously, so that it will still be able to function effectively when it eventually reopens. Does anyone know about the financial allocations for this purpose? Are they still being continued?
    As for the convention centre. It is not entirely undesirable, but surely not something to build now, unless you think we will return eventually to the wicked world we used to live in, instead of the brave new world we hope for, where people refrain from unnecessary international travel.