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Choosing a Golden Mile option

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How many of us have read through the hundreds of pages released last month by LGWM in the latest stage of its seemingly endless saga to improve conditions on the Golden Mile. (The short version alone was 170 pages.)

There’ve been a few distractions. A headline in the DomPost told us business owners were worried [2] about any revamp – though no decisions had been reached, they said it would be “disastrous for retailers.” But the story quoted only three business owners – hardly representative of any overall concern. An earlier DomPost report referred to loading zones being near capacity [3] – as if more loading zones would be the way to improve the Golden Mile experience.

LGWM wants to keep loading zones in side streets. But it also wants to keep buses running along Lambton Quay – ending any hopes of the area becoming vehicle free.

Over on eyeofthefish [4] Levi has been

… reading all the millions of pages of information provided by LGWM in their first major release of proposals for Wellington. They’ve just been talking about the Golden Mile so far, and they have narrowed the thinking down from 256 options down to 21 options and then later to just three simple variants (Do Nothing is not an option).

What to do?

the best thing for you to do would be to go off and read all the bumpf the same as I have, but honestly, it is exhausting and boring, and so I’m going to present you with some of the options.

Which he does, in almost as much detail as LGWM, but with much more clarity. And what has he decided about the three options [5] for Lambton Quay?

Well, he says option one is not worth doing.

He summarises option two as

best for buses but not so good for pedestrians. This gets a big tick for improving bus speeds and is probably the one that the LGWM team are going to be pushing for.

He’s most enthusiastic about option three:

Option 3 on Lambton Quay aims to provide both speedier buses and speedier pedestrians, by keeping both the bus lanes on the West side of the street, and drastically enlarging the east side pedestrian area as well. There is just one bus lane each direction, instead of the two lanes offered in Option 2. This is of course a lot more expensive, as new paving etc all costs money. But hey, if you’re saying let’s go for the … best experience for the city, then this has to be the one.

Do you agree? You don’t have to tell Levi. But you need to tell the LGWM people – feedback [6] (not exactly simple) is open only till the end of this week. And they say our voices count.

Since this article was published, the closing date for feedback has been extended to Sunday 9 August. [7]