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Environmental activists begin hunger strike outside Parliament

Media release from David Goldsmith
A hunger strike, led by father of three and environmental activist David Goldsmith, commenced on Monday in front of Parliament and will continue for the next three weeks. It includes hunger strike participants and supporters holding vigil.

Members of the public are invited to stand in solidarity at Parliament on Friday at 12:00pm – 1:30pm, and the following Friday, July 24th at the same time.

The hunger strike is both an act of love and defiance for 52 year-old father of three David Goldsmith. For him, the message to government leaders is to act now and do so meaningfully to stop the devastating effects of the climate crisis. “A comprehensive ban on fossil fuels by 2025 is the kind of ambition we need to see”.

Robin Treadwell, a 66 year old retired doctor and grandmother, is also on day three of a hunger strike.

“I’m doing this for the sake of my granddaughter, future generations, and the creatures of the planet. I do it out of desperation as I don’t know what needs to happen to wake people up to the climate and ecological emergency. Understandably, people are focused on Covid. That’s just the curtain raiser. The main game will be the climate crisis which will be so much more devastating. We need to act now.”

Both David and Robin report feeling good and will stop the strike if there is any indication of major health impacts. “There is no point in having a dead activist” – Robin.

We recognize that Te Ātiawa/Taranaki ki Te Upoko o Te Ika has mana whenua over the location in which this action takes place, and participants hope to honour them with a sincere commitment to keeping the world safe and healthy for generations to come.