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NZ Bus to upgrade 34 buses – standardising layouts for Metlink brand

News from Greater Wellington Regional Council
Over the next six months NZ Bus will be upgrading 34 of its buses to give customers a more consistent experience across the network by bringing them in line with the Metlink brand and internal layout standards.

Metlink General Manager Scott Gallacher says discussions with NZ Bus have focused on the most optimal way to upgrade the buses without losing any capacity on routes.

“Initially, there will be one bus taken out of service to develop a proof of concept for the upgrade work programme. From there on five buses will be in the upgrade programme at a time through to the completion of the programme at the end of February,” says Mr Gallacher.

Each bus takes approximately four weeks to complete and while these upgrades take place Metlink customers will see a number of interim single-door buses, previously used for the Airport Flyer, out and about on the network.

These interim buses will have some Metlink branding applied to them and customers will still be able to use Snapper for on-board payment and track the buses on Real Time Information boards at stops and on the Metlink website and app.

“We will continue to work closely with NZ Bus to get the upgraded buses back on the road as they are completed and to ensure the replacement buses are running as effectively and efficiently as possible,” adds Mr Gallacher.

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  1. Dave B, 28. July 2020, 19:10

    Upgraded buses? Conversion to electric, by any chance?

  2. Kara Lipski, 28. July 2020, 19:46

    Hopefully Metlink will recognise the need for smaller buses that better suit Wellington’s hilly, winding narrow roads. And in addition make sure the alterations include changing to electric non-emitting engines.

  3. greenwelly, 28. July 2020, 21:52

    >bringing them in line with the Metlink brand
    This is about giving them a paint job to get rid of the the blue, yellow and other colours in the NZ Bus fleet. We are not getting any E-bus replacements for these old diesel buses until between “mid-2021 and early 2023.”

  4. Marion Leader, 29. July 2020, 9:39

    Get a better lay-out please. More seats in the front! A lot of time is wasted because the driver has to wait until people get to the back of the bus to find a seat.

  5. Keith Flinders, 29. July 2020, 12:04

    An expensive “lipstick on a pig exercise”. What the public of Wellington City want is to be rid of these old polluting diesel buses pronto. Changing their colour to fool the population that they are other than old, is a waste of our money. Who really cares what colour the buses are, apart from the highly paid members of the GWRC and Metlink.

    The bus fleet as it was earlier this year can be seen here. Note the age of some of the NZ Bus Ltd buses.

    Common livery and designer uniforms for drivers are yet more vanity projects we can live without in times of the severe economic downturn hitting the region. Ideas to save money would be a welcome change.


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