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Shovel-ready: “massive” $27m from government for rebuilding Naenae Pool

PM at Naenae Pool

News from Hutt City Council
Lower Hutt Mayor Campbell Barry today joined Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Naenae where the Government announced a $27 million investment towards the rebuild of Naenae Pool.

Mayor Campbell Barry says this is a momentous day for the local community, which has been hard-hit following the closure of the pool facility in April last year.

“This is massive news for Lower Hutt and the Naenae community in particular. Local people, businesses, and community groups have told me time and again the closure of the pool has had a huge impact on them and their livelihoods,” Campbell Barry said.

“Naenae Pool is an important community facility. Some have described it as Naenae’s beating heart, and with the Government’s support we are going to be able to restore it. Most importantly, the rebuild will be done in genuine partnership with the community to ensure we can meet the aspirations they have for the future of their place.”

Campbell Barry says the funding from Government follows Hutt City Council’s submissions to the Infrastructure Reference Group, who were tasked with evaluating “shovel ready” infrastructure projects.

“The rebuild of Naenae Pool will unlock massive local economic benefits, which will be a vital part of our economic recovery following COVID-19. Through the rebuild, we have an opportunity to create and support more than 200 local jobs, and we will ensure as much of the project spend stays within Lower Hutt.”

“At the end of this, the community and region will have a first-rate aquatic facility, which we can all be proud of,” Campbell Barry said.

Local Ward Councillor Andy Mitchell says that today’s news will be received well by local retailers, other business owners and the community.

“This announcement will help to build confidence in the local economy and our recovery. A new pool will play a key role in revitalising the Naenae town centre, which is a priority for our community.”

Hutt City Council Chief Executive says the rebuild of Naenae Pool is a priority for Council, and the funding from Government will turbo-charge the project.

“Funding from the Government allows us to get on with things knowing there will be a much-reduced cost to our ratepayers. We will bring together other work that’s being done to ensure we can make a lasting and positive difference to the community. This includes developing a spatial plan for the Naenae town centre which will inform any work to revitalise the area,” Jo Miller said.

Work on progressing the design phase of Naenae Pool has started with Council at the procurement stage for the design team and architects and engineering consultants. Building works are expected to get underway mid-2021, and be completed by December 2024.


  1. Hel, 30. July 2020, 19:12

    Still no money for Wellington! is it safe to assume polling suggested a boost was needed out the Hutt and the shovel comes to the rescue. This appears a seriously political process and unfortunately Wellingtonians are being overlooked because we are a safe Labour stronghold and our Councillors are ineffective in developing strong links with the Crown.

  2. michael, 30. July 2020, 23:16

    Wellington will be lucky to have a shovel ready project by the time the next pandemic hits.

  3. Groggy, 31. July 2020, 12:06

    @ Hel, or is it just that the WCC didn’t put forward any convincing cases for funding? The white elephant convention center is the only project they are agreed upon, there is nothing else agreed and ready to go. We could have secured funding for the library, new ferry terminal, Shelly Bay infrastructure and others but our council will still be debating what to do for years yet.

  4. CC, 31. July 2020, 15:49

    From your list Groggy, would any of the projects have cut the mustard? The white elephant conference centre failed to attract government funding previously when the begging bowl was put out. The library is hardly a taxpayer liability and the ferry terminal hasn’t been decided on yet has it? As for Shelly Bay, that has been a dog’s breakfast and is not ready to proceed with outstanding Court cases likely to take years to resolve. Besides, the Government has already bailed the developer out with a guarantee on the Monark project to protect the KiwiBuild ‘investors’. The one project that would have been worth starting is light rail but Winston would probably have kaiboshed that.

  5. groggy, 31. July 2020, 16:41

    @ CC, No apart from the library they aren’t projects I would propose or back. And Naenae pool is not a taxpayer liability either, that is not one of the criteria, but Hutt had their act together and secured some central Govt cash.


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