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Parliamentary launch of high-tech face masks using new natural wool technology

News from Lanaco
High tech designers, developers and manufacturers Lanaco are today launching a protective mask product at a function at Parliament in Wellington.

Lanaco is a 10 year-old designer, developer, and manufacturer of respiratory filters and devices, using its organic/hybrid Helix Filter Media, which is based on the science of DNA genetics from specially selected sheep flocks bred in New Zealand to produce a truly unique and high performing natural protein fibre optimised for applications in healthcare, industry, appliances, ventilation and anti-pollution.

Its Helix technology filters have now been selected by NASA for use in its next mission to the Moon and Mars.

Now, Lanaco is producing protective face masks using its innovative filter technology, and these are being launched today at the event in Parliament with Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor.

The masks last month passed all testing to AS/NZS 1716 P2 level, the local equivalent of the United States-based N95.

However, not all face masks are created equal, Lanaco founder and director of sales and marketing Nick Davenport says, and the wool filter in Lanaco’s product puts it head and shoulders above the rest.

“Natural wool fibre has amazing capabilities which synthetics can’t match. Wool is the world’s most positively-charged natural fibre, which translates to an electrostatic filter which acts as a magnet to capture a whole range of particles in the air. It’s naturally bacteria-static, so germs don’t remain on it and it naturally absorbs toxins.”

As well as a high level of material capture (including viral particles and air pollutants like bushfire smoke), the face masks also have low breathing resistance, which is a very important factor, he says.

“Many face masks on the market are difficult to breathe naturally through, so people aren’t comfortable when wearing them. Our masks can be two to three times easier to breathe through than other products, so they are easy to wear.”

Most importantly, the supply chain is all local, Nick says – from the sheep in Central Otago, to the factory in Auckland, and to outlets in New Zealand.

“This technology provides high-value returns to wool growers, jobs in supporting industries, and high value and volume exports.

“The Lanaco platform has the potential to significantly increase the value of New Zealand wool-based exports, and to lift the value and perception of wool in general.”

Nick says Lanaco is scaling up rapidly to meet demand from around the world for its exceptional technology.

The masks are on their way to hospitals, pharmacies, service organisations, and hardware stores around the world.

The technology used by Lanaco is an innovative and high-value use of wool, a process that is demonstrating how the New Zealand Wool Strategy can be put into practice, Lanaco chairman Andy West says.

“There is a lot of innovation and technology being developed in primary industry right now,” he says.

“And we are definitely going to contribute to the Government’s ambition to increase the value of primary sector exports by $10billion per annum in the next 10 years through productivity growth – that’s just what Lanaco is doing.”

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  1. Codger, 5. August 2020, 7:16

    Where can I buy one?

  2. greenwelly, 5. August 2020, 12:17

    Both Cactus and Earth Sea Sky make masks that use Lanaco Helix filters.

  3. Annie-Maria Ross, 5. August 2020, 15:47

    And BONZ

  4. Jules, 6. August 2020, 11:52

    MEOAir is doing great masks!