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Closed again: crash stops south-bound traffic through Terrace Tunnel

It’s happened again. Southbound traffic through the Terrace Tunnel was blocked by a crash this morning.

NZTA reported the crash, without giving any details, at 10.10am. It said traffic coming into the city was being detoured.

Ten minutes later it said northbound traffic had been reduced to one lane while contractors were clearing the site of the crash.

The tunnel was still closed to southbound traffic at 10.45 – NZTA said technicians were inspecting damage to what they referred to as the southern barrier.

The tunnel was reopened to southbound traffic at 11.25 – more than an hour after the crash.

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  1. Dave B, 4. August 2020, 22:20

    Terrace Tunnel speed limit should be reduced to 50Km/h like the rest of the Inner City Bypass – Karo Drive – Arras Tunnel route