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$4b transport spend is “what Wellington deserves,” says Nicola Willis

News release from National Party
Wellingtonians won’t be made to wait until the 2030s for a second Mt Victoria Tunnel under a National Government, says Wellington Central List MP Nicola Willis.

National Party Leader Judith Collins today announced a $4 billion plan to deliver a suite of projects that will bust Wellington’s congestion and future-proof its transport infrastructure for decades to come.

National’s plan includes:

• Fast-tracking a duplicate Mt Victoria Tunnel, with construction to commence no later than 2023
• Roading improvements at the Basin Reserve
• Building a second Terrace Tunnel
• Investing in rapid transit between Wellington’s CBD and airport
• Undergrounding SH1 through Te Aro

“This is the bold transport plan that Wellington needs and deserves,” Ms Willis says.

“Our city is sick of debate and delay on transport. The plan Judith Collins has announced today actually reflects what the public called for during Let’s Get Wellington Moving, rather than the pet projects Phil Twyford and Julie Anne Genter liked best.

“I want Wellington to be a vibrant, growing city that supports great quality of life. National’s transport plan will make it easier for Wellingtonians to get around – whether by car, bus, foot or bike. It will reduce the time Wellingtonians spend stuck in traffic and guarantee our city can cope with a growing population.

“I have campaigned hard for Wellington to get its fair share of transport infrastructure investment, including shining a light on Labour’s dodgy deal to delay construction of the second Mt Victoria Tunnel, and speaking up for disaffected Wellington bus users.

“National will eliminate the frustrations of Wellingtonians by delivering the modern transport infrastructure our city so badly needs.”



  1. Kara Lipski, 5. August 2020, 17:45

    Our city is made up of many facets, the most important being its residents. Not all will welcome the return of National’s 4 lanes to the planes” policy. Far better to concentrate on building community rather than building more roads for more cars.

  2. Dave B, 6. August 2020, 12:00

    @ Nicola Willis, you are right. Wellington does deserve a $4bn transport-spend but not, please NOT on more roads. Can’t you National Party people see that this will lock us into even greater car-dependency, which is something we should be pushing hard to get out of. This is the year 2020, not 1970. Decades of pursuing this type of policy has worsened and entrenched the problem, not solved it.

    Rather than expensive tunnels and undergrounding for cars, what Wellington needs is an extension of its incomplete rail system (underground if necessary). Only this approach will reduce regional traffic. Building more roads is like feeding the fire.

  3. Toni, 6. August 2020, 16:53

    I just wish someone would get on with it, instead of years and years of talk

  4. Pseudopanax, 6. August 2020, 16:57

    A naked attempt to get party votes from the regions by appealing to the selfish gene of those whose priorities include the dream of shaving two minutes off their trip to the airport. We have tried to make the car fit into Wellington over the last 60 years doing untold damage in the process… this is a vision for 1960 not 2020. Another tunnel is necessary but for walkers, cyclists etc or light rail.