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James Shaw tests negative for covid-19 after visit to South Auckland

Report from RNZ
Green Party co-leader James Shaw has tested negative for Covid-19 following a trip to South Auckland.

Shaw was advised to take a precautionary test after developing minor cold symptoms following a trip to the city last weekend, where the party unveiled its housing policy.

He thanked all those who were patient while he awaited his test result and those who have also since been tested.

“Obviously I’m allowed out of the house now, which is a delight for me and also I imagine a great relief to probably several hundred people who I have had contact with over the course of the last week,” he said.

Shaw said everyone in the office had been working from home for several days and some who had winter cold symptoms were tested as well.

Meanwhile, the Green Party has had to cancel a large number of events around the country, including Auckland, during what would have been the party’s first serious week of campaigning. As a result, the party’s morale had taken a bit of a hit, Shaw said.

“Of course we have all been trapped in Parliament getting through that emergency legislation and everyone was really keen to get out on the road.

“We are really keen to get out campaigning, and so within the boundaries of public health and safety we will do everything we can to get ourselves in front of voters over the next few weeks,” he said.

Shaw said the Greens were doing a lot of Zoom events during lockdown and may adopt more digital campaigning in the leadup to the election.

News from Green Party – August 13
Green Party Co-leader James Shaw is awaiting the result of a precautionary COVID-19 test after travelling to the South Auckland area over the weekend.

James Shaw said today:

“I developed minor cold symptoms after returning to Wellington from Auckland at the weekend.

“On the advice of health experts, I undertook a COVID-19 test to rule out the possibility of having the virus, and am staying at home while I await the results.

“I remind all of us that we must take any symptoms seriously and be tested if advised to do so by medical professionals.

“We all have a role to play in keeping COVID-19 out of our communities, and that includes following the advice of health experts.”


  1. Michael Gibson, 14. August 2020, 10:20

    I am waiting for a reply to my question about timing: “Dear James – have you had the test result yet? When did you have the test? I ask because I wonder if I should have a test myself after our very worthwhile chat etc. on Tuesday morning. Otherwise: very best wishes etc., Michael”

  2. TrevorH, 14. August 2020, 15:02

    If Mr Shaw’s test is positive, will he move from his home and into a managed isolation facility as is now the law?

  3. Michael Gibson, 15. August 2020, 7:42

    Trevor – luckily the test was negative, Whew!!