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  1. Chris Horne, 14. August 2020, 15:10

    If 50,000-80,000 new residents are expected to arrive in the capital in the near future, presumably many thousands of them will need work to support their families, or themselves if they are single. Which agencies and companies are likely to be able to provide work for the many thousands of job seekers? Or will the projected influx result in soaring rates of poverty and homelessness?

  2. Andy Foster, 14. August 2020, 19:10

    Chris –
    1 – We are talking about the next thirty years – so if that is ‘near future’ then so be it. Fact is that our city’s population has grown by 34% in the last 29 years. The predicted growth of 50 – 80,000 represents 24 – 38%.
    2 – If there are no jobs and no homes, people won’t come! If there are no homes though, it will really push up prices.
    3 – Unemployment is somewhat cyclical – and obviously we are in a quite different employment environment at the moment, but Wellington City’s population and employment have grown in tandem. Wellington’s official unemployment rate as at March 2020 was 3.6%, which was lower than New Zealand’s average at 4.1%.
    Growth absolutely has pluses and minuses, and that is 100% worth discussing, but please don’t mix up the requirement to plan for accommodating growth at a city level (a quite reasonable statutory requirement) with the absence of planning for it at a national level (by any administration).
    Kind regards, Andy

  3. Polly, 15. August 2020, 11:10

    Andy have you not taken into account many of us who will be long gone or in retirement villages in 30 years time, so how will our population increase as suggested… Have to agree with Chris.

  4. Toni, 16. August 2020, 11:11

    What about the inner city infrastructure? Is it going to take another 3o years to sort? What about earthquakes? What about the fact that insurers charge outrageous costs for high-rises to the extent that some owners cannot afford to pay? What about the fact (from the WCC presentation) that the inner city is well below international standards for green spaces/parks for current residents? What about first determining the limit Wellington inner city can sustain?