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Metlink, aiming for “care and safety,” offering QR codes on trains and ferries, but not on buses

News from Metlink
Metlink and the Wellington region continues to be at the forefront of the Covid-19 response, by working with the Government on the use of QR codes for journey tracking.

Metlink general manager Scott Gallacher says: “The care and safety of our passengers and the Metlink team is of critical importance to us. So over the last two months, we have been working with the Government to trial the use of QR codes across the Metlink network, to assist the Government’s contact tracing app and help passengers track their journeys.

“Currently, QR codes have been rolled out on trains and ferries to encourage the public to check in when using our services. Passengers on buses don’t need to do anything different as Snapper cards act as a journey record for customers when people tag on and off. We continue to encourage people to register their Snapper cards or to make note of their journeys if they are SuperGold Card and cash users.”

Hygiene is another crucial factor that Metlink drives with increased thorough cleaning measures and promotion of the Government’s hygiene and face mask advice. Although it is not compulsory, Metlink operators provide all frontline staff with face masks and information campaigns from Metlink continue to encourage passengers to wear face masks too.

In addition, physical distancing is a high priority that relies on customers to play it safe and play it right in public places.

Mr Gallacher says: “It’s great that those who are fortunate to make use of working from home arrangements are taking this opportunity, as it enables public transport to be available for those who need it most.”

With the support and cooperation of the Wellington region, Metlink will continue to provide a much valued essential service to their communities throughout the alert levels.

Regional Council transport chair Roger Blakeley says: “We’ve been at Alert Level 2 before, and we all know what to do. This is an opportunity of us to work together even better than last time. We want to thank the community for their vigilance and patience during these times as we continue to rely on customers being responsible, being kind to one another and making the right choices by following the Government’s advice.”



  1. Traveller, 18. August 2020, 15:18

    What exactly is the message that Metlink wants to give us? Are they anxious about whether they’ve done enough?

  2. greenwelly, 19. August 2020, 9:44

    The Government QR App only records check-ins, so Snapper is a much better overall solution as it captures on and off time and location – it’s just a shame it’s not used on trains and buses (project NEXT I’m looking at you – but that’s years away).

  3. Kara, 19. August 2020, 10:49

    Those of us who are over 65 use the Gold Card and these are not registered with Metlink as they are with AT. So Metlink it would be a good idea to put the government’s QR poster on all buses. I didn’t spend almost $500 on a compatible smart phone just to discover that Metlink thinks buses don’t matter.

  4. greenwelly, 19. August 2020, 11:16

    @Kara, then add it as a manual entry, the app allows for that