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Covid-19: PM visits ESR scientists in Porirua

jacinda at esr

by Jacinda Ardern
Visited the team at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research in Porirua yesterday. They’ve been doing an incredible job for us throughout covid-19 by processing and analysing things like genome sequencing, which helps us to tell whether covid cases are linked or not.

Science has been a key part of our response to covid-19 and our resurgence plan. But none of what we’re doing works without every single one of us playing a role.

It’s tough going I know, but every time you wash your hands, every time you keep your distance from others – all of it makes a difference. Thank you.

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  1. ESR, 21. August 2020, 7:20

    The visit meant a lot to our staff. Happy to be part of the team of five million. Thank you Prime Minister. [via Facebook]

  2. Emma Ward, 21. August 2020, 7:27

    Outstanding work from the team at ESR. [via twitter]

  3. Joep de Ligt, PhD, 21. August 2020, 7:44

    It was amazing to see that our PM knows the genomic lineages of the latest cases by heart and is committed to understand how/where it might have gotten in so we can catch it even sooner. Grateful to have her at the helm on this one. [via twitter]

  4. Helene Ritchie, 21. August 2020, 13:59

    Thanks Prime Minister Jacinda, ESR Virginia and all, Dr Bloomfield and the thousands of people working their guts out to keep us safe.

  5. Dave B, 21. August 2020, 14:29

    Heart-warming! Really appreciate the leadership we have got.