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Ōtaki, Mana Candidates to state their case for Kāpiti

Press Release – Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce
The future of Kāpiti Airport and electrification of rail from Waikanae to Ōtaki will be put to candidates for both the Mana and Ōtaki Electorates at the Kāpiti Chamber’s General Election Business Debate on September 16, 2020.

Jacinda Thorn, Chair of the Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce says the 2020 Business Debate is an important opportunity for the region’s businesses to connect with candidates across the political spectrum.

“This year’s election is different to most, as New Zealand deals with the pressing and immediate issue of Covid-19. We want to encourage our community to come along, hear what our candidates have to say so they can make an informed decision come Election Day,” says Jacinda Thorn.

The panel includes the following candidates:

Ōtaki Electorate Mana Electorate
  • Bernard Long – Green
  • Terisa Ngobi – Labour
  • Tim Costley – National
  • Wayne Grattan – ACT
  • Barbara Edmonds – Labour
  • Jo Hayes – National

Candidates will be asked a series of questions, which will be followed by a general Q&A session. Questions for the 2020 event include:

  1. Do you support electrification of rail between Waikanae and Ōtaki and if so, in what timeframe for it to be completed?
  2. Do you support the expressway between Ōtaki and Levin commencing before the planned start date of 2025? If not, why not? If Yes, how will you support this if elected?
  3. What is your single most important idea for business stimulation in Kāpiti while the region responds to Covid, and other emerging adverse impacts like climate change?
  4. Do you agree Kāpiti must retain an airport and if so, are they prepared to back Government support to enable this?
  5. What is your personal view on the two referenda topics?

Jacinda Thorn says Kāpiti has a number of issues to contend with over the next three years, as well as Covid-19.

“Our business community has raised concerns about all of the issues we’ve identified in our questions for candidates, and how each issue is approached – from electrification, to business stimulation and the Ōtaki to Levin Expressway – will make a significant difference to the future of Kāpiti,” says Jacinda Thorn.

The Business Debate kicks off from 5.15pm, 16 September 2020 at Southwards Museum. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, people must register for the event as numbers will be capped at 100 if Alert Level 2 is still in place next week.

The Kāpiti Coast Chamber of Commerce exists to advance the economy by creating wealth and employment and solve local business issues by providing a collective voice for business in Kāpiti. Over 300 members in Kāpiti belong to the Kāpiti Coast Chamber of Commerce to stay connected, network and gain knowledge and support from our local membership.

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