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  1. TrevorH, 16. September 2020, 7:33

    This is a fantastic proposal. A National Heritage Park that celebrates the rich Maori and European history of the area and enhances its outstanding natural beauty, flora and fauna will be a tremendous asset for Wellington and the country as a whole. Surely the Council can come together in support of this?

  2. Kurtis Papple, 16. September 2020, 11:03

    Yes please do this. Houses are going all all the time for people. It’s rare for an opportunity to celebrate the land to come by. Embrace it!

  3. Albert Ross, 16. September 2020, 14:27

    How is it to be paid for?

  4. Roy Murphy, 16. September 2020, 15:15

    This proposal is a much more community-focussed and attractive project than the current problem-plagued, ugly, let’s-make-money one. Furthermore it has the backing of the people who own the land and had it stolen off them by the misuse of legal loopholes. Wellington.Scoop is to be highly praised for its continuing close examination of Wellington City Council procedures and decisions, as well as many other items of concern to Wellingtonians.

  5. Shar, 16. September 2020, 16:11

    What a fantastic idea. Just what Wellington needs.
    We have been waiting for something like this for years. Just think what could happen here. It would be a start to put Wellington on the map again. I say yes to it.

  6. Toni, 16. September 2020, 16:56

    And a yes from me too.

  7. Muscle Car, 16. September 2020, 18:05

    If only it was shovel ready.

  8. Linds, 16. September 2020, 22:16

    Wonderful idea,may it come to fruition.
    The alternative, a housing estate – a huge of waste of this most beautiful area of Wellington.
    Let’s hope it goes ahead, what an amazing gift to our descendants.

  9. Phil mackay, 17. September 2020, 9:47

    Wellington doesn’t have a park problem, it has a housing problem. Keep the tip for a park if need be, but the rest should be used for housing. There is a lot if land there and I doubt anyone would bother much to visit most of it.

  10. Judi, 17. September 2020, 10:09

    Brilliant idea could be a great tourist attraction too. There could be a ferry that comes across from the city. This is the short of thing I would visit often 😀👍

  11. Stuart, 17. September 2020, 16:59

    It should put aside any “human” part. Make it solely on the environment and wildlife … Nature, and only nature! Zero reference to anything human.