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Burst water main cuts supplies for 7 hours to homes in Island Bay (again)

A burst water main cut supplies to houses in and around Severn Street in Island Bay this morning.

Twentyfive properties around the top of Severn Street, Southern Cross Crescent and Liddel Grove were affected from about 10am.

The council-owned Wellington Water delivered bottled water at the same time as it started to fix the broken main.

The city council advised that odd-numbered houses on Severn Street would be affected for up to 4-5 hours while repairs were carried out. Then this afternoon, the council said the outage was likely to last till 6pm.

But the water wasnt restored till 7pm. With no information on the Wellington Water website, the council delivered a message on its behalf:

The team have replaced the broken section of pipe and the service to affected properties has been restored. Run taps until water clear. Thank you for your patience and we apologise for the inconvenience.

The same water main burst twice in February, first cutting supplies to 250 houses around Severn Street and later to 70 houses.

At that time, Wellington Water said:

Two nights in a row without water is unacceptable … Replacing the aged water pipe is scheduled to begin in March; we’re looking into what can be done to speed up the process.

And a few days later, houses in another part of Island Bay were also affected by a burst water main.

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  1. Wellington Water, 22. September 2020, 10:25

    Over the weekend, the water was off again on Severn Street and we are sorry we failed to inform residents via our digital channels. We appreciate this made the disruption even more frustrating. Unfortunately interruptions to water supply keep happening as the water main is at the end of its life. But, Stage 3 of a permanent upgrade between Robertson and Humber Street is to get under way in October. This means that the area worst affected by failures will be renewed by the end of the year. Until then we will respond to pipe failures with urgency and get the pipe renewal work done as swiftly as we can. And we will make sure that our customers know what to expect along the way [via twitter]