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LGWM “a failure … nothing delivered” – Chris Bishop

News from NZ National Party
“Labour’s ‘Let’s Get Wellington Moving’ project has so far been a failure. Nothing has been delivered, the funding for the programme is still unclear, and Wellington is drifting while congestion continues to choke the region,” National spokesperson for Transport Chris Bishop says, commenting on news that external consultants have been called in to review the project.

“Labour had a great opportunity to reset transport in Wellington after years of local council dithering and delay. They’ve squandered that opportunity and now things are worse than ever.”

“Phil Twyford and Julie-Anne Genter’s squalid deal with former Mayor Justin Lester over the second Mt Victoria tunnel, plus the refusal of the government to fund long-overdue state highway improvements, has created this failure.

“What is required is National’s comprehensive and ambitious Wellington transport plan. The next National-led government will get started on construction of a second Mt Vic tunnel in our first term. We will legislate for it if we have to. We will also fund and build the second Terrace tunnel and underground under Te Aro – both projects missing from Labour’s plans.”

“National’s plan will create jobs and growth at a time when they are desperately needed.”

“Under National, ratepayers won’t be on the hook for state highway projects – central government will fund them, as they’ve always done, saving Wellingtonians thousands. And we’ll cut through the endless debate and discussions by establishing a dedicated agency to deliver Wellington’s transport improvements. It’s clear the present arrangements aren’t working, as this latest review demonstrates.

“Labour has failed Wellington. National will deliver, driving jobs and growth and smashing congestion at the same time.”


  1. Toni, 21. September 2020, 9:05

    “ratepayers won’t be on the hook for state highway projects – central government will fund them, as they’ve always done, saving Wellingtonians thousands” = About time Central Government stepped up because, unless they do, nothing is ever going to change. Bring back the Ministry of Works!!

  2. Groggy, 21. September 2020, 10:41

    Hang on, “The LGWM joint venture was set up in late 2015” so this is a National Party initiative that has failed miserably to deliver anything in 5 years. Shades of other great National ideas like PTOM and Transmission Gully PPP, another terrible idea poorly thought through and badly implemented.

  3. Keith Flinders, 21. September 2020, 14:40

    What does Chris Bishop mean? Let’s Get Wellington Moving was set up to achieve nothing, so in that regard has been an outstanding success. Staffing it with the wrong people was a brilliant move, as it achieved the desired result. Well done.
    Sir Humphrey Appleton

  4. michael, 21. September 2020, 18:36

    Doesn’t really matter who is in government as they all repeatedly ignore Wellington.